Better Alternatives & a Distinguished Taste!

Fornalia’s menu includes bakeries, sandwiches, croissants, rolls and other confectionery items that are not only delicious, but also support proper digestion without having to give up your favorite baked items. Sourdough is easier to digest than regular wheat due to it’s long fermentation process, which in tunr breaks down the gluten.

Born and ‘bread’ in Cairo, Fornalia vows to bring its finest artisanal bakeries straight to your door using Sourdough to help you enjoy your favorite baked goodies while maintaining a healthy gut.

Whether you want to keep the sugar in your blood within healthy levels, or just think that Sourdough tastes better, Fornalia is your first step towards a more mindful approach to consuming baked goods without having the discomfort of ingesting regular wheat.


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Being a central kitchen is no easy feat, especially with the plans we have in store for our brand. We aim to normalize and spread more Sourdough made bakeries across Cairo with a big selection of both savory and sweet goods, and a delivery service to help provide Cairean households with their Sourdough needs.